Upholstery Supplies

Sundries and Supplies

Whether you’re in need of some calico, a roll of piping or horsehair, we try and provide as many tools and products associated with upholstery as we can.

Scrimmed Foam & Car Materials

We can supply you with scrimmed foam which is a great material to pad out leather and vinyl for vehicle seats.

The special ‘netted backing’ allows the sewing machine to pass through the foam without snagging it.


If foam is too modern a material for padding out your upholstery, we provide a good quality cotton felting which is a traditional alternative.

Polyester (Dacron)

Being one of the most common products in the upholstery trade, polyester is used to wrap foam cushions, soften edges and take out any lumps and bumps you may have in your covers.

Piping Cords

Whether you’re creating a non removeable cover or a washable loose cover, piping is a popular way to create a stylish edge. We stock the standard cotton pipings, a thicker washable piping cord and a specialist plastic piping for car trimming.


We supply two different types of Hessian and a close weave tarpaulin for use on internal upholstery work.

Upholstery Cloths

We supply a number of everyday upholstery cloths which are essential in modern upholstery. These include a fire retardant calico interliner, cambric, twill weave and platform/bottoming cloth.

Upholstery Scissors

We try to supply products that as upholsterers, we would use ourselves. William Whitley Steel scissors (made in the uk) are the best we have used and are highly recommended. Check out our range available including our specialist Trimming Scissors.