Zig-zag Spring Clips

Discover the indispensable accessory for attaching zigzag springs to your furniture framework. These Zig-Zag Spring Clips are the go-to solution for securing zigzag springs in place, ensuring lasting comfort in your upholstery projects.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Pairing: Designed for use with Zig Zag Springs, these clips are the ideal companion to ensure your springs stay firmly in place.
  • Sturdy Fastening: Secure your zigzag springs to a solid framework with ease, providing a dependable foundation for your upholstery.

Product Details:

  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Zig Zag Springs.
  • Size: 23mm L x 22mm W
  • Sold: Per Clip or Pack of 50

Zig Zag Springs can be purchased here Zig-Zag Springs

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