Washable Piping

Product Description: Washable Piping is a soft and flexible piping cord ideal for use in covers that are frequently machine washed. Crafted with a polypropylene filling, this piping cord is designed to maintain its shape and flexibility without unsightly creases. Choose from different thickness options: No. 4 with a 4mm thickness,  No. 5 with a 5mm thickness, or No. 6 with a 6mm thickness.

Product Details:

  • Thickness Options: No. 4 (4mm), No. 5 (5mm), No. 6 (6mm)
  • Roll Length: No. 4 – 500m, No. 5 – 350m, No. 6 – 250m
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Suitable for: Covers, Upholstery
  • Sold Per: Meter or Roll

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