Traditional Laid cord

Product Description: “Introducing our Laid Cord, a traditional upholstery thread meticulously crafted for the purpose of tying springs together in classic upholstery techniques. This flax-based cord is a trusted choice for securing springs in traditional upholstery projects. With a variable width ranging from approximately 3mm to 4mm, each 450g ball of Laid Cord contains roughly 200 meters of this essential material. Elevate your upholstery craftsmanship with this dependable cord.”

Product Details:

  • Material: Flax-Based Laid Cord
  • Usage: Ideal for traditional upholstery, particularly for lashing down springs.
  • Width: Variable, approximately 3mm to 4mm
  • Weight: 450g per ball
  • Length: Approximately 200 meters per 450g ball
  • Sold Per: Meter or Cop of Thread

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