R650 Foam Sheet

Product Description: Upgrade Your Seating Comfort with R650F Foam Sheet

The R650F Foam Sheet, a premium Reflex foam, boasts superior quality and exceptional longevity. This firm, yet incredibly comfortable, white foam is designed to withstand constant and intensive use, making it the perfect choice for vehicle seating, high-quality benches, and dining seats. Unlike other foams, R650F remains firm and comfortable even after weeks and months of prolonged use. Say goodbye to flat, uncomfortable seating and hello to lasting comfort.

Product Details:

  • Material: White Reflex foam
  • Quality: One of the highest-quality Reflex foams
  • Size: Approximately 84” x 74” (212cm x 195cm), with dimensions typically within 1″ of the stated size.
  • Sold Per: Sheet ( or smaller pieces in our foam calculator)  https://hmfoam.co.uk/foam/ 

If you would like to purchase a sheet over 2″, please contact us

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