R450HX Foam Sheet

Product Description: Discover Superior Support with R450HX Foam Sheet

R450HX, the firmest among our primary Reflex foams, is your top choice for firm and supportive seating. Its light grey color reflects its firm and supportive feel, making it an ideal selection for orthopedic purposes. This foam excels in applications where firmness is essential, with common uses including camper and boat seating. R450HX delivers the perfect balance of firmness and comfort for both sitting and sleeping.

Product Details:

  • Material: Orthopedic-grade Reflex foam
  • Firmness Level: Firm and supportive
  • Size: Approximately 79” x 94” (239cm x 200cm), with dimensions typically within 1″ of the stated size.
  • Sold Per: Sheet ( or smaller pieces in our foam calculator )

If you would like to purchase a sheet over 4″, please contact us

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