R300 Foam Sheet

Product Description: Discover Affordable Comfort with R300 Foam Sheet

R300 Foam Sheet, a budget-friendly Reflex foam, brings you the perfect balance between softness and affordability. This foam provides essential support and comfort without breaking the bank, making it an excellent choice for various cushioning and seating needs. While it may not match the support and durability of other Reflex foams, R300 retains a springy and comfortable feel, ensuring you have a cost-effective solution without compromising on comfort.

Product Details:

  • Material: Budget-friendly Reflex foam
  • Firmness Level: Soft and comfortable
  • Size: Approximately 79” x 94” (239cm x 200cm), with dimensions typically within 1″ of the stated size.
  • Sold Per: Sheet ( or smaller pieces in our foam calculator )

If you would like to purchase a sheet over 4″, please contact us

From £60.00