Polyester Wadding Rolls

Product Description: Polyester Wadding Rolls, also known as white Dacron, is a versatile material used to wrap foam for a softer edge in upholstery projects. Whether you’re enhancing the comfort of furniture or working on craft projects or displays, our high-quality polyester wadding is the perfect choice. This FR (Fire Retardant) Schedule 2 Part 1 wadding is available in various thickness options, including 2oz (10mm), 4oz (15mm), 6oz (20mm), 9oz (20mm), and 14oz (30mm), allowing you to achieve the desired level of softness and comfort in your projects.

Product Details:

  • Material: Polyester Wadding (White Dacron)
  • Fire Retardancy Rating: Schedule 2 Part 1
  • Suitable for: Upholstery, Craft Projects, Displays
  • Thickness Options: 2oz (10mm), 4oz (15mm), 6oz (20mm), 9oz (20mm), 14oz (30mm
  • Quantity on Rolls: Depends on Thickness  2oz =60mtrs , 4oz = 50mtrs , 6oz = 35mtrs , 9oz = 25mtrs , 14oz =15mtrs
  • Width of Rolls: 2oz, 4oz, 9oz, and 14oz  come in 140cm widths / 6oz and 14oz come in 70cm widths
  • Sold Per: Roll

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