Upholstery Nail Strip

Product Description: Our Upholstery Nail Strip is a decorative and convenient solution for adding stylish nail heads to your upholstery projects. This 1-meter strip is adorned with nail heads attached using individual nails at specific points. With the ability to bend around corners and curved edges, this strip delivers a quality finish without the laborious task of individually placing each nail.

Product Details:

  • Type: 100 1/3
  • Head Diameter: 9.5mm
  • Strip Length: 1 meter strip with 20 holes, fix with Low dome chair nails
  • Material: Plated Steel
  • Finishes Available: Nickel, Brass or Bronze Renaissance
  • Studs: 100 1/3 studs bought separately in packs of 100 or 1000
  • Sold Per: Meter strip or pack of 25 strips

Upholstery Nail Strip “Nails” purchased here: Low Dome Chair Nails

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