Ginger Coir

Product Description: Discover the natural excellence of Ginger Coir, an eco-friendly filling made from coconut fibers. Coir, known for its remarkable toughness and elasticity, maintains its integrity over time, providing long-lasting comfort. The fibers are sourced from coconut husks, a widely available and sustainable resource. Just like wool, cotton, and horsehair products, coir offers a comfortable and supportive experience. With coconut palms flourishing across 10 million hectares of tropical land, only a fraction of the abundant nuts is used for industrial purposes. Choose Coir for an economical, springy, and durable filling that aligns with nature’s wisdom.

Product Details:

  • Material: FR Coir (Coconut Fibers)
  • Properties: Economical, Springy, Durable
  • Sold per: 0.5kg bag | 1.5kg bag

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