Foam Crumb

Product Name: Foam Crumb

Product Description: Discover Foam Crumb, a versatile and eco-friendly filling. Perfect for use in bean bags, pillows, toys, and pet beds, Foam Crumb is crafted from various grades of crumbed foam. This environmentally friendly and fire-retardant (FR) foam provides an excellent solution, offering small chips for a range of applications, including conservatory and garden furniture or comfy floor cushions. Say goodbye to conventional polyester fillings and embrace the comfort and sustainability of Foam Crumb.

Product Details:

  • Material: Fire Retardant Foam Crumb (Various Grades of Crumbed Foam)
  • Applications: Bean Bags, Pillows, Toys, Pet Beds, Conservatory Furniture, Garden Furniture, Floor Cushions
  • Sold Per: 1 cubic feet bag, 2 cubic feet bags

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