Bonded Nylon Thread

Product Description: “Discover our strong and dependable Bonded Nylon Thread, designed for sewing machines and overlockers. This thread is constructed with three plies twisted together, bonded using a specially formulated agent to prevent untwisting. The result is exceptional strength, and the thread’s surface is clear of any surface fibers. With a melting point of approximately 260°C, it offers resistance to excessive needle heat. Its low stretch quality ensures neat seams and reliable performance. Currently, it’s available in two sizes: 5000 meters per cop (Size 40) and 8000 meters per cop (Size 60), both in classic white.”

Product Details:

  • Material: Bonded Nylon
  • Strength: Exceptional strength
  • Sizes Available: Size 40 (5000 meters per cop), Size 60 (8000 meters per cop)
  • Color: Currently only available in White
  • Sold Per: Cop of Thread

From £19.20