8lb Chipfoam Sheet

Product Description: Experience Exceptional Firmness with 8lb Chipfoam Sheet

8lb Chipfoam Sheet offers the ultimate level of firmness and support. Crafted from the reformation, compression, and bonding of high-quality foams, this foam is significantly firmer and more rigid than its 6lb counterpart. With a varying color profile, it excels in delivering steady and robust padding for applications requiring high-impact, low-thickness settings. Whether you’re in need of static gym or workout mats, industrial padding, or firm base layer upholstery padding, 8lb Chipfoam Sheet is the ideal choice.

Product Details:

  • Firmness: 8lb density, the firmest foam available.
  • Size: Approximately 60” x 79” (153cm x 200cm), with dimensions typically within 1″ of the stated size.
  • Colour: Yellow Chips.
  • Sold Per: Sheet ( or smaller pieces in our foam calculator )

If you would like to purchase a sheet over 2″, please contact us

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