About Us

When Barrie & Pamela Lane ran their shop in Swindon they used to buy foam from a Mr Harold May. When Mr May retired, they were offered the foam business. This took over the majority of their work so they sold the shop and concentrated on a foam career starting H.M Foam. Incorporated as a limited company in 1983 in Shelburne Road, Calne, it started up just selling foam products until an upholstery workshop was developed to cater for growing demand in the early 90s.

To carry on the tradition of a family business Danny Lane; Barrie & Pamela’s son has taken over the reins to ensure that the personal quality of service stays as fresh as ever. Being a seasoned upholsterer as well for over 15 years, he will always be available if you need upholstery or foam advice.

We are proud to have earned a reputation across the local area for supplying quality foam products, taking time in our upholstery work, using top quality fabrics and having a friendly, efficient delivery service.


Being upholsterers for over 20 years, we can always give you advice that best suits your project whether you need to know what foam is recommended for a particular job, which fabrics we have available or what webbing to use on your armchair. We have also developed certain products that we believe reflect our knowledge and experience in the upholstery trade.

Foam Cut For You

We are not just an online company either. Foam tends to be one of those products that some people just want to test. So pop in to our showroom where we have foam samples and a sample sofa to give to a good idea of how the cushions will feel once they are refilled.

We supply foam as a bespoke cut-to-size service with a number of different set shapes available and a templating service.


Our prices for foam can offer excellent value for money as we purchase our foam from the wholesaler as a raw material. Then, through the use of our band knives and other technology, we then slice the blocks down into sheets, cushions or any other required shapes.

Since the foam arrives in such huge blocks, it is a very versatile material meaning that the size and shape of the piece of foam you need can be from 2 metres long right down to 2 centimeters.


We try not to let anything go to waste so all offcuts of foam are either processed into crumb or compressed into bales and returned to our manufactures depending on demand. They then reprocess it into recycled foam which is commonly used by us in vehicle seats, commercial seating and gym mats.