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H M Foam is open normal hours with measures in place to keep our customers safe.
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We all want the right product that suits our needs and our comprehensive range of foam products is cut to your size.
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We cover all forms of campers, caravans, and motorhomes to the highest standards of style and comfort.
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We provide only the best fabrics, foams, and upholstery for your boat.
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Perfect comfort, made to fit to your specfications.


We can reupholster your old suite, repair your bike seat and give your camper van a new lease of life.


Strong, stylish, beautiful.

Welcome to

H.M Foam & Upholstery.

We supply a large range of made-to-fit foam products from seating cushions to mattress overlays.

There is also an in-house upholstery and coach trimming department which can undertake a wide variety of jobs.

We sell upholsterers tools, materials and much more…

It is a family run business which has been running in Calne, Wiltshire since 1983.

Our service is quality based, friendly and fast!

We can help

Not sure what it is you're after?

Foam is one of those products that suits everyone differently.

If you are unsure about what you want and would like to test it or ask for some friendly advice, please pop down to our store in Calne!